Mario Gastaldi

I teach [target market] how to [main goal] by using [main strategies].

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About Me

I am a consultant, teacher, investor, who travelled worked and lived across four different continents. I focus on international taxation, business structures, second residencies and passports, how to protect, increase and manage wealth by investing, trading or doing businesses. Often it's a combination.

I help expats and people who would be expats on these matters.

I help them in finding a purpose so that they can live their life to the fullest, devoting their time and energy doing what they love.

This would be my definition of happiness, and I'm working on pursuing my own. I am the founder of, an Italian language business, with which we helped hundreds of Italian transform their lives going abroad and finding a new personal and financial freedom. We will continue.

I've previously done work for great companies such as Novartis, Ely Lilly, Kronos, ST Microelectronics, Politecnico di Milano.

In the last 10 years I abandoned the corporations to their own, and I have been working for real people, those of you who want to live anywhere in the world and create the life you want with intention, wherever it may be.

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